Hours of Operation & General Information

Orange Historical Society

41 North Main St., Orange, MA 01364
(978) 544-3141

Wednesdays & Sundays, 2-4pm from June-September or by appointment.

For more information call:
Kathy Schiappa, President (978) 544-6814
Frank Schiappa (978) 544-6814
Linda Temple (978) 544-2861



Membership Information

Becoming a member ensures that the Orange Historical Society continues to preserve and share the rich history and treasures of Orange families and businesses.

As a member of the Orange Historical Society, you distinguish yourself as a dedicated supporter who believes strongly in the Orange Historical Society value to the community. You provide support for educational programs and exhibitions and enjoy knowing you are a critical part in keeping this important legacy alive for future generations.

General Member

Individual $5.00

Lifetime Member

Individual $50.00

Family $75.00

Gift Membership

Give the gift of being part of a community that invests in preserving and sharing the rich history of Orange.

Please send your membership or gift choice information to Kathy Schiappa at 370 North Main St., Orange, MA 01364 and make your check payable to Orange Historical Society.

Thank you for your generous contribution!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always interested in adding volunteers to our team!
If you are interested in helping out at the Orange Historical Society please call Kathy Schiappa at (978) 544-6814 to share your interest and availability.
We have a broad range of needs and volunteer opportunities. We need help gardening, conducting historical society tours (we pair you with an experienced tour guide and this is a great way to learn about the history of Orange and OHS), serving at the Breakfast on the Porch, staffing craft fairs and helping with programing. So if you have some time and interest we would love you to join our volunteer team.



"To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and whole heart and a free mind"
Pearl S. Buck
Writer, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize Winner

The Orange Historical Society gratefully accepts financial and artifact donations...

Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Honorary Gifts

Are you puzzled about what to give friends or family members? Do they love Orange? Then consider making donations to the Orange Historical Society in their honor to acknowledge their special days: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, whatever they are celebrating.

You will receive a receipt for your donation and your friends or family members will receive personal letters from the Orange Historical Society telling them that you have made these thoughtful gifts in their names. (The amounts of your contributions will be kept confidential unless specified.)

Memorial Gifts

If you would like to remember someone who loved Orange during his or her lifetime, you can make a gift in that person's memory. What a loving tribute it is!

You will receive a receipt for your donation. We will also write to family members or friends, as you request, telling them that you have made a thoughtful gift to the Orange Historical Society in memory of their loved one. (The amount of your contribution will be kept confidential unless specified.)

How to Make a Gift

Telephone: Please call Jeff Cole at (978) 544-8881 and have your credit card, address, names and addresses of who you would like to receive a personal letter handy.
Mail: Please send a letter stating your wishes stating either Make an Honorary Gift Now or Make a Memorial Gift Now, include your phone number,address, names and addresses of who you would like to receive a personal letter, and your credit card information or your check or money order (made payable to "The Orange Historical Society).

Mail to:
Orange Historical Society
41 North Main Street Orange, MA 01364
Attention: Honorary Gifts and Memorial Gifts

Orange Artifacts

How to Donate Orange Artifacts

Please call Linda Temple at (978) 544-2861


For further assistance, please contact us directly:

(978) 544-3141 main number or call Kathy Schiappa (978) 544-6814


Officers: 2018-2019

Kathy Schiappa 978.544.6814
Ingrid Pollard 978.544.6734
Sandra Eklund 978.575.0151
Asst. Secretary: 
Linda Knechtel 978.544.6971         
Jeff Cole 978.544.8881
Asst. Treasure:
Tom Smith 978.544.8881
Jeri Deyo 978.544.2089


3 Year Directors:

Sue Enko 978.544.3307 2019
Glenn Johnson 978.575.0320 2019
Lurene Hall 978.544.8144 2019
Denise Andrews 978.633.4302 2020
Anne Colo 413.774.4663 2020
Gregory Metevier 978.544.7067 2020
Maureen Riendeau 978.249.6336 2020
Frank Schiappa 978.544.6814 2020
George Willard 978.544.0264 2020
Irene Ballou 978.544.6286 2021

Committees 2018-2019:

Maureen Riendeau 978.249.6336

Archivist, Historian, Acquisitions:
Linda Temple 978.544.2861

Kathy Schiappa 978.544.6814 and Jeff Cole 978.544.8881

Glenn Johnson 978.575.0320, Jeff Cole 978.544.8881 and Gover Ballou, Sr 978.544.6286

Patricia Andrews 978.544.8555, Denise Andrews 978.633.4302, Tom Smith 978.544.8881, Ingrid Pollard 978.544.6734

Ways & Means:
Linda Knechtel 978.544.6971, Jerilynn Deyo 978.544.2089, Lurene Hall 978.544.8144, Maureen Riendeau 978.544.6177, Audrey McKenney 978.544.8720, Ginette Richard 978.544.6475, Ilene Rowe 978.544.6995, Anne Colo 413.774.4663 and Sandra Eklund 978.575.0151

Grout Coordinators: Walter Pollard 978.544.6734, Glenn Johnson 978.575.0320, Grover Ballou, Sr. 978.544.6286, John Rumrill 978.575.0263, Grover Ballou, Jr. 413.253.9574, and George Willard 978.544.0264

Glenn Johnson 978.575.0320, Frank Schiappa 978.544.6814, George Willard 978.544.0264, Keith Lyman 978.544.2338


Events & Activities

Breakfast on the Porch Poster 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019 from 2-4pm

The Legacy musical group featuring:
Marty Picard-percussion, Linda Piragis-vocal, Marc Erwin-guitar, Al Benjamin-keyboard and Tom Deam-bass

Starting on the first Sunday in June through the last Sunday in September the Orange Historical Society will be open for tours: Wednesdays and Sundays from 2:00-4:00pm

Fuel Raffles: Wood, Oil, Pellets
Contact Ingrid and Walter Pollard at
Drawings will be Thanksgiving Day.

OHS Tag Sale
July 6, 2019 2pm

The Christmas Bazaar
December 7, 2019 from 9am to 2pm

Our 2019 capital improvement projects will continue to improve the main house roof and soffits, garage and restore the grout.

Donations are being accepted to defray the cost of materials and labor.

If you would like to make a donation, please mail them to: 
Orange Historical Society 41 North Main Street P.O. Box 28, Orange, MA 01364

About the OHS

Circa 1866-1867, a local business man, Stephen French bought a much smaller house at an auction.  Five generations of his family lived here: his mother; he and his wife; their daughter, Grace, who married Fred Weymouth; the Weymouth's daughter, Sibyl; and her daughter, Ann.  By 1868, Mr. French had expanded the small house into a very large one of 24 rooms.  Some years later some partitions were removed leaving 18 rooms, in the house and the three story barn.

Grace Weymouth was the original curator of the Historical Society.  Collections were housed in the basement of the library until the flood of 1936. Grace and her husband moved the salvageable items from the library to their home, which is now the Orange Historical Society.  She opened her home to the public on certain days to exhibit the artifacts.  She fell upon hard times during the Great Depression and was in danger of losing her house.  The present Orange Historical Society, which was chartered in 1942, purchased the house by paying off the mortgage of approximately $4,000.  There was a stipulation that Grace could live in the house until her death, and she did.

The many rooms of the Orange Historical Society, showcase an abundance of wonderful historical artifacts...  

Come visit and learn about the rich history of Orange!